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Digital photography and traditional photography are beginning to evolve to the point where you will not be able to distinguish them as two individual mediums of expression,  although Modernism suggests that each form of art has its own aesthetic.  Neither lives in isolation and each is touched by its surroundings.

In the beginning of the computer age it seemed that work from the computer and fine art photography were headed in two different directions.  However, the more one puts the computer technology in the hands of artists, the more the two merge creating a single interactive expression.  New technologies are meant to be explored and pushed to their limits.  Fine Art has always embraced new thoughts and new technology in the past and I think it will continue to do so in the future. 

Photography either taken digitally or scanned into a computer is bound to interact with this new technology according to the wishes of the artist.  Just as a painter may abstract an image as little or as much as he desires, a photographer also has the same ability.  Technology is only a means to an end. 

My camera images present nature (mainly flowers) as one might present the human body.  At times undressed showing every detail and at times interacting with the different actions, movements and controls possible with computer technology.  This technology allows me to create a mixed media piece within one medium.  It is up to the viewer to determine what is real and what is crossing the boundaries. 

Art has two main limitations, the individual creating it and the materials used to produce it.  Fulfilling the meaning of my work by crossing over and combining technology is exciting and I embrace every piece.

Marie Van Arsdale

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